Ixda17 talk: Agents vs Agency: Battle for Control in the IoT by Zachary Jean Paradis

Zachary Jean Paradis, Global lead, Experience Strategy practice, SapientNitro @zacharyparadis

  • Cowrote Naked Innovation book
  • Nakedinnovation.com download for free
  • Obsessed with creating new things

Most designers by nature are optimists and problem solvers
-Christopher Follet

  • 1837 John Deere created affordable plow enabling people to do work more easily apple before apple
  • Continues to focus on customer Henry Dreyfuss ergonomics to design Ww2 era products as usable as possible.
  • Designed tractor with first padded seat and rubber wheels
  • Book Design for people and the measure of man and woman human factors in design icon sourcebook
    Enabling human agency

The iot market size is 1.6 trillion, connected devices is 26 billion

Predictive analytics makes sense of iot
– Mike kuniavsky

  • This is not the web.
  • An AI for every purpose.
  • The landscape of technology platforms for AI solutions is growing every day.
  • 100 startups using AI to transform industries
  • We’re going to be creating a shedload of agents (Authorized to act for another)
  • Nest is a smart dumb thing walk up to it when cold and wave your hands only one control on or off it’s a bad agent for you
  • Agency and agent
  • Alot of people doing ai don’t know how the calculations are being made

Jen Maroney