Ixda17 Talk: Unframed: Crafting Audience Experience in Cinematic VR by Gary Hustwit

Gary Hustwit Creative Director, Scenic Directed Helvetica and Workplace films Founded scenic

  • All of this talking with designers have affected how I work there is an exchange of ideas happening on film
  • Cinematic VR=live action, stereoscopic 3D video shot in 360 degrees with spacialized audio meant to be watched in a headset
  • Is there a way for documentary filmmaking to tell stories with VR?
  • Google daydream headset WSJ
  • What is cinematic VR good / bad at?
  • It’s great at place setting
  • So what it’s bad at is showing detail or motion the traditional filmmaking techniques
  • Your eyes are telling you you’re moving but rest of senses are not did you eat bad berries?
  • What’s the audience role?
  • What are the ethical issues different than a traditional film your brain processes these as actual experience
  • At 360 degrees no one remembered kid’s name story elements lost with more visual complexity
  • Try to balance showing with telling
  • Limit the audience POV don’t automatically place them in the center
  • Architects and urban planners have been thinking about this for a long time in the 3d space or think like a magician
  • The Fastest Ride / example using an amazing environment and focusing on storytelling mounted camera
  • Have watched airplanes get destroyed
  • NY Times piece/ Home of retired steelworker in Bethlehem the sense of being there with him and what’s on his fridge
  • Paul cassman gallery headset suddenly room is bare and hang out with Eagle and snake.
  • This is in it’s infancy get more creators in this space.
  • The barrier to entry is getting lower

Jen Maroney