Notes from Ixda17 opening keynote Brenda Laurel: VR and AR, what’s the story?

Brenda Laurel opened with her rich background in VR (stemming from the days of CD Roms) and theater, and gave these guiding principles: 

  • Provide rich environments
  • Reveal context and characters 
  • Plant clues and suprises
  • Support emergent goals and behaviors
  • Set up moments of delight
  • Design good endings happy interesting exits
  • My story is a collaboration
  • Capability and intent

Galileo’s Telescope to look at the stars, and then Robert Hooke opening up a new intent, then Van lewenhoeks microscope
VR history: Link trainer from 1934, a flight trainer when you moved stick a guy sitting behind created the simulation. Then we had the boeing sst flight simulator much more nuanced and computational
The Sword of damocles creator (1967) was blind in one eye so he was creating something he couldn’t take advantage of

Common threads of the world’s greatest spiritual traditions:

  • Intent for the good 
  • Compassion 
  • Harmony w nature
  • Virtue as action
  • Self regulation 
  • Care of community 
  • Reason 

The edible schoolyard idea: I am proposing an extension of that through the technology we are talking about
Neither technology nor nature is other that’s who we are
If we can help children be in relationship with the natural world that will stay with them

Join me in gaian gardening. We don’t take action unless we love something. We don’t take action unless we have contemplated the grief of losing it. 


Jen Maroney