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Make Art (Don’t fear the Flubber)
Today my family and I traveled to Governor’s Island for a Family Festival, that was supposed to include bands and face painting, but that part was cancelled by the threat of rain. Instead we all received free bike helmets from the NYC Department of Transportation which was thrilling, saw a civil war re-enactment, and walked […] Read more – ‘Make Art (Don’t fear the Flubber)’.
Transparent Design with Clients
I was scared to bring my clients into our design process, and a great deal of my fear stemmed from the fact that I work in the highly regulated healthcare industry. With so many constraints and nuances of legalities, it was daunting to bring greater transparency to our UX process. But once I piloted the […] Read more – ‘Transparent Design with Clients’.
UX: Let’s push things forward
This has been an exciting time for me professionally. I launched a usability lab and began testing our digital work prior to going into design. I also brought an official ethnography practice to my agency (I call it ethnography, technically, we did not go into user’s places of business, but talked to them over the […] Read more – ‘UX: Let’s push things forward’.