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UX: Let’s push things forward
This has been an exciting time for me professionally. I launched a usability lab and began testing our digital work prior to going into design. I also brought an official ethnography practice to my agency (I call it ethnography, technically, we did not go into user’s places of business, but talked to them over the […] Read more – ‘UX: Let’s push things forward’.
IXDA’s “Thinking, Talking and Showing” Sketching Workshop by Ray DeLaPena
Sketching is a critical tool for not only User Experience practitioners but for any professional in a creative line of business. On September 19, we were delighted to host the IXDA’s “Thinking, Talking and Showing” Sketching Workshop by Ray DeLaPena. The workshop combined both a fascinating lecture on the rich history and process of sketching, […] Read more – ‘IXDA’s “Thinking, Talking and Showing” Sketching Workshop by Ray DeLaPena’.
Interaction 13: Social Innovation with Impact
This year’s “Interaction 13” Conference explored how User Experience designers impact the social fabric of our communities, organizations, and society. Today, as you might suspect, is an exciting time to be working in this area, with digital devices that can tweet you when there’s a knock at your door, offer opportunities to create compassionate Healthcare […] Read more – ‘Interaction 13: Social Innovation with Impact’.