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Ixda17 talk: Agents vs Agency: Battle for Control in the IoT by Zachary Jean Paradis

Zachary Jean Paradis, Global lead, Experience Strategy practice, SapientNitro @zacharyparadis

  • Cowrote Naked Innovation book
  • Nakedinnovation.com download for free
  • Obsessed with creating new things

Most designers by nature are optimists and problem solvers
-Christopher Follet

  • 1837 John Deere created affordable plow enabling people to do work more easily apple before apple
  • Continues to focus on customer Henry Dreyfuss ergonomics to design Ww2 era products as usable as possible.
  • Designed tractor with first padded seat and rubber wheels
  • Book Design for people and the measure of man and woman human factors in design icon sourcebook
    Enabling human agency

The iot market size is 1.6 trillion, connected devices is 26 billion

Predictive analytics makes sense of iot
– Mike kuniavsky

  • This is not the web.
  • An AI for every purpose.
  • The landscape of technology platforms for AI solutions is growing every day.
  • 100 startups using AI to transform industries
  • We’re going to be creating a shedload of agents (Authorized to act for another)
  • Nest is a smart dumb thing walk up to it when cold and wave your hands only one control on or off it’s a bad agent for you
  • Agency and agent
  • Alot of people doing ai don’t know how the calculations are being made

Ixda17 Talk: Unframed: Crafting Audience Experience in Cinematic VR by Gary Hustwit

Gary Hustwit Creative Director, Scenic Directed Helvetica and Workplace films Founded scenic

  • All of this talking with designers have affected how I work there is an exchange of ideas happening on film
  • Cinematic VR=live action, stereoscopic 3D video shot in 360 degrees with spacialized audio meant to be watched in a headset
  • Is there a way for documentary filmmaking to tell stories with VR?
  • Google daydream headset WSJ
  • What is cinematic VR good / bad at?
  • It’s great at place setting
  • So what it’s bad at is showing detail or motion the traditional filmmaking techniques
  • Your eyes are telling you you’re moving but rest of senses are not did you eat bad berries?
  • What’s the audience role?
  • What are the ethical issues different than a traditional film your brain processes these as actual experience
  • At 360 degrees no one remembered kid’s name story elements lost with more visual complexity
  • Try to balance showing with telling
  • Limit the audience POV don’t automatically place them in the center
  • Architects and urban planners have been thinking about this for a long time in the 3d space or think like a magician
  • The Fastest Ride / example using an amazing environment and focusing on storytelling mounted camera
  • Have watched airplanes get destroyed
  • NY Times piece/ Home of retired steelworker in Bethlehem the sense of being there with him and what’s on his fridge
  • Paul cassman gallery headset suddenly room is bare and hang out with Eagle and snake.
  • This is in it’s infancy get more creators in this space.
  • The barrier to entry is getting lower

Ixda 17 Day 2 Keynote: A Journey in Social Entrepreneurship – Pitstops & Lessons Juliana Rotich

Juliana Rotich, Executive Director, BRCK.org from Kenya @afromusing

  • For many years cut off from the world got fiber optic connectivity 2010.
  • You would load up a page on phone go do something.
  • 2008: Ushahidi (meaning witness) born out of a new trajectory and democracy I was living in Chicago and then returned to Kenya.
  • 29 dec 2007. Saw smoke in horizon from uncle’s house violence 1200 people lost their lives tough moment for all of us.
  • Part of ted fellowship turned to each other what can we do about information flow? There was a ban on news they were showing the sound of music on TV.
  • Connectivity was not good it had to be sms. Diverse team who continue with spirit of collaboration and making things for world.
  • Used for Crisis response and human rights.
  • Put strings on google doc can you translate to japan? Less than 24 hours translated.
  • The big lesson is paths for people to gelp you and design for internationalization and localization.
    People can extend it however they like.
  • Platform in 49 languages translated 159 countries w deployments propogate ideas around the world.
  • Open source can be used for government, health, and art.
  • Documenthate.org you can see how platform is helping America right now.
  • Think about global impact and inclusivity.
  • Common purpose and shared culture to combat apathy. Seek out different people for their context.
  • The fact that we live in kenya is a gift take those constraints on the edge make it work for you if it works in Africa it will work anywhere.
  • I was a geek in high school not doing the girly things went back to the library to read.
  • 150 startups came out of in ihub.
  • Made Brick redesigned router for connectivity now gear box used to sneak in components on flight problems at customs now sold in more than 40 countries has 8 hours of battery life.
  • Only 30% of Africa is connected today. By 2015 8 Million school aged children in Africa and challenges getting online Many young people more than 60% women with literacy challenges.
  • Brought brick to rural school in kenya and kiokit with wireless charging tablets.
  • There are many marginalized communities that need us just the way that doors were opened to us.
  • Strip away tech jargon and go back to values connection opportunity and possibility

Notes from Ixda17 opening keynote Brenda Laurel: VR and AR, what’s the story?

Brenda Laurel opened with her rich background in VR (stemming from the days of CD Roms) and theater, and gave these guiding principles: 

  • Provide rich environments
  • Reveal context and characters 
  • Plant clues and suprises
  • Support emergent goals and behaviors
  • Set up moments of delight
  • Design good endings happy interesting exits
  • My story is a collaboration
  • Capability and intent

Galileo’s Telescope to look at the stars, and then Robert Hooke opening up a new intent, then Van lewenhoeks microscope
VR history: Link trainer from 1934, a flight trainer when you moved stick a guy sitting behind created the simulation. Then we had the boeing sst flight simulator much more nuanced and computational
The Sword of damocles creator (1967) was blind in one eye so he was creating something he couldn’t take advantage of

Common threads of the world’s greatest spiritual traditions:

  • Intent for the good 
  • Compassion 
  • Harmony w nature
  • Virtue as action
  • Self regulation 
  • Care of community 
  • Reason 

The edible schoolyard idea: I am proposing an extension of that through the technology we are talking about
Neither technology nor nature is other that’s who we are
If we can help children be in relationship with the natural world that will stay with them

Join me in gaian gardening. We don’t take action unless we love something. We don’t take action unless we have contemplated the grief of losing it.