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Jen Maroney is a User Experience designer, creative brainstorming facilitator, artist, and writer. Her user experience design for Novartis’s Heart Partner app garnered the 2016 DTC National awards for Best Mobile App – Gold and Best Patient Support & Engagement – Bronze, Finalist in the Global Interaction Design Awards, as well as the Appy Awards Best Health & Fitness app for 2016.

Jen has been creating excellent experiences in the digital healthcare space for over 14 years. Her client experience includes Janssen, Pfizer, Novartis, Boehringer Ingelheim, Toyota, and Nissan. Her work at FCB Healthcare has included developing mobile and Responsive Guidelines for multiple Pharmaceutical Centers of Excellence, for all of their U.S. brands and partner agencies to follow. Jen’s work on aligning with teens through usability testing led to deep insights that ensured success for therealcost.gov, the FDA’s historic, groundbreaking campaign aimed at this age group.

Jen holds a Mini-Masters Certificate in User Experience Design from Rutgers University. Jen wrote “Designing Healthcare Apps for Delight” for Smashing Magazine, is a frequent Guest Lecturer at NYU’s ITP, and presented “UX and Healthcare: You are the Leadership” to the Interaction Design Association. She was a teacher’s assistant at the Art Student’s League, is a member of Con Artist collective and has shown her mixed media paintings in Williamsburg.

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