Jen Maroney is an expert in customer experience, creative brainstorming facilitator, mixed media artist, public speaker and writer. Her work has garnered recognition from the Webby Awards, the Interaction Design Association, the Appy Awards, DTC, and MM&M. She has been creating excellent experiences in the digital space for over 19 years for a wide variety of clients including Amtrak, the FDA, Novartis, Pfizer, and Toyota.

Jen wrote “Designing Healthcare Apps for Delight” for Smashing Magazine, lectured at NYU’s ITP, and presented “UX and Healthcare: You are the Leadership” to the Interaction Design Association. She has served as a teacher’s assistant at the Art Student’s League, is a member of Con Artist collective and has shown her mixed media paintings in Williamsburg.

The opinions on this site are personal opinions of Jen Maroney only, and not of her employer.

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